Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sorting & Publishing

We started a new math unit to focus in on sorting. I introduced the students to the unit with a problem. I told them I had so many buttons and I needed their help to organize them! We're exploring the variety of ways we can sort. Each partnership received bags with a variety of buttons and paper to record how they sorted. It was interesting to see how students recorded their work-some drew themselves sorting, some created thinking maps, some counted and wrote down the number of each group (and this was all without direction!).
This Friday, we finished up our Author Study unit, where we studied about the author, Donald Crews and used his craft moves in our writing. The students shared their books with their partner and each partner got to say one thing they liked about it and one thing they think they need to work on. Then, I placed different books in each tables so students could read others' books!