Friday, March 7, 2014

Early March Update

Welcome to March! Today, our class went on a trip to the Noguchi Museum to learn about sculptures.
We split up into two groups and viewed two sculptures in the museum.
We talked about what we noticed about the sculptures and how to use our senses to view them.
Following our viewings of the exhibits, the students were able to create their own sculptures using mixed materials.
Picking out materials
R.D's sculpture
J.Z's sculpture
F.L's sculpture
N.R's sculpture
M.P working on his sculpture
G.Y's sculpture
Q.Z works on this sculpture
E.V and B.W work on their sculptures

We walked around to view our finished sculptures
This week, we also started our Studio in the School program. Our resident artist Ms. Belinda came in this week and talked to the students about creating shading and lines using an artist pencil. The students created animal drawings.
Reminder, parent teacher conferences are next Tuesday. The schedule was sent home earlier this week. Please let me know if you need to know your scheduled time. See everyone next week!