Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week of March 17, 2014 Update

Reminder, tomorrow we have a trip to to Kurferburg Center to watch Click Clack Moo!

This week, we continued working on our personal narratives. If you look at the posts below, I had an opportunity to record and scan some of the students' work.

Also, our bamboo shrimp in our fish tank molted this week. It was great observation for the students.
I placed a bit of the molten skin into a magnifying box for students to view in the science center
Students viewing the fish tank
A close up of the shrimp's molten skin
B.W's observational sketch
In math, we started our geometry unit. We went on a shape hunt in our classroom.
Students used clipboards
They noticed that the calendar had squares
This week, we also had a studio in the school art session with our resident artist, Ms. Belinda. The students worked on ripping and tearing and creating images/shapes with the ripped/torn pieces.

I took this adorable photo of the class--