Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for such a delay on blog posts. I recently moved and it's been quite hectic outside of school! I'm also heading to Japan for spring break! :)

We have been doing lots of interesting things in the classroom these past weeks! For reading and writing, we have been working on our observing and questioning unit. This is the precursor to our nonfiction unit! We have been studying our caterpillars/soon to be butterflies along with this unit. Everyday the students read nonfiction books and we've been talking about how to get information through them. In writing, students have journals that they write in daily and draw sketches of the caterpillars and write down questions they have and observations they've made.
The caterpillars when we first received them
Caterpillars turned into pupas

In math, we finished up our geometry unit with 3D shapes! We looked at all the 3D shapes that children brought in from home and created circle maps to list all the 3D shapes we discovered. We also created 3D shapes using toothpicks and mini marshmallows!

Recently, we have been working on combinations of 10 through our apple box problem. I told the students that I went to the supermarket and they had a sale for 10 apples and I could get a mix of red and green apples. How many different ways can I mix the red and green apples? The goal is for students to become fluent with the different number combinations of 10 (ex: 5 and 5, 2 and 8, etc.)

For Studio in the school, Ms. Belinda started working with the students on creating animal collages. They learned how to rip, tear, overlap, arrange with the paper.
This past week, the students painted their own paper which will be used for their collages.

Have a wonderful spring break everyone!! :)