Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy May!

It seems that the spring weather is settling in! It's so exciting to have such warm weather! This month is an exciting one! Last weekend, I went to Buffalo, NY to celebrate Ms. Cruse's wedding! Congrats to her!
I got to visit Niagara Falls

For writing, we started writing how to's! To begin, we looked at different kinds of how-to's!
To help students write a how to, we call made pizza together so we all had a shared how-to experience!

The Earth Day Symposium is coming up and our class will be sharing our knowledge of composting with the rest of the school! We explored the compost bin and during language through play, the compost bin is open for students to play with!
A red wiggler worm eats through a celery scrap
Ms. Belinda has been working with the students on starting their life-sized portraits. The students worked on creating the details for their faces.

This month, our class is also hatching duck eggs!!! In about a month, (fingers crossed) we hope to have some duckling friends!