Monday, June 16, 2014

June Update

There's a week and half left of school! I was making the slideshow for our stepping up ceremony and got all teary eyed, because I'm going to miss seeing these kids every day. This class has been super special and everyone is so unique and talented! I'm going to miss their bright enthusiasm and smiley faces!

This week we have been practicing for our stepping up both with me and with Ms. Corinne. Please consider coming out Monday, June 23rd 9:45am to our stepping up ceremony. It would mean a lot to our students to have more family and friends attend! After our performances, we will celebrate with fruit!

This Thursday was our last session with our resident artist, Ms. Belinda. Families were invited to come and view the student's finished art work. It has been wonderful having Ms. Belinda work with us. She is wonderful with the students and encouraged a lot of creative thinking! Thank you Ms. Belinda and for all the parents for coming to view the art work!

Our class is nearly done with their nonfiction animal books! They will be on display during our stepping up ceremony along with their dioramas, which we will start working on this week.

Our ducklings have grown quite a bit! Jessie has been joined by one of Mr. Andy's ducklings, Charlie. Ducks are very social and the two get along well. They follow each other and Charlie even chirps loudly when Jessie is separated from him. They will be going back to the farm tomorrow :(

Today, we started reading poetry! Each student received a poetry book and today's poem was called Popcorn. Students noticed that words repeat and one student mentioned that it sounded like a song and many noticed that there were no periods.

In math, we started our collecting and counting unit. I told the students that we need to organize our classroom for next year's class and in order to do so, we need to count everything and organize and label it!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Career Day at TALES!

Today, our school had career day! Career day is an awesome way for our students to see that grown ups have all different kinds of jobs and what different jobs entail! Thank you to all the professionals that came out and donated their time to sharing their wisdom, sharing some props from work and speaking with our students! Special thanks to L.O's parents and my friends Tina and Kevin!

Dr. Sandner, an ER doctor (also Ms. Sandner's brother!)
Dr. Sandner works as an ER doctor at North Shore hospital. He spoke to the class about what he does at the hospital and even showed the class some of the tools he uses such as the stethoscope and otoscope.

My childhood friend of over 15 years, Tina came to the class as well. She currently works at Mount Sinai as a lab technician.
Tina showed photos of her working on the microscope
She also works with lab rats!
She spoke to the class about working in a lab, using tools like liquid nitrogen and microscopes and test tubes and even lab rats!

L.O's parents both came to talk to our class! L.O's dad works as a dentist. He spoke to the kids about what he does at his office and the importance of brushing our teeth and getting regular dentist visits. He also showed the kids some of his dentist tools and items he uses to stay germ-free as a dentist!
L.O's dad talks to the class about being a dentist
K.Z looks at the face mask
L.O's mom works as an ophthalmologist! Her office, Nu Eyes is really close to our school! She spoke to the kids about what an eye doctor does and talked about how to tell if you need to see an eye doctor. We even learned the difference between different types of eyeglasses. She also brought a model of an eye for the class to see!

Next, one of Ms. Liang's friends Randy, a nurse came to visit! He spoke to the class about what nurses do.
My friend, Kevin, a real estate manager brought lots of fun tools for the class to look at. He also showed students before and after photos of how he renovated apartments. The kids got to look at light switches, tiles, an infrared camera and a snake camera. 

S.C looks at a light switch
Looking at the snake camera

L.O looks at the infrared camera
It was a great experience for all! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June updates!

Happy June everyone! I can't believe there's only a month left!! It's a super busy month! We're deep into our nonfiction writing and working on lots of things in preparation for stepping up and for first grade.

Today is National Running Day! Afterschool, our principal, Mr. Groff and fellow teachers Mr. Andy (PreK), Ms. Tauntonico (2nd grade), Ms. Mark (Science), Mr. L (Science) and Mr. Woodburn (3rd grade).

The studio in the school art program is coming to an end. The art exhibition will be on Thursday, June 12th. I highly encourage everyone to come view the children's artwork. They worked really hard on it and their life sized portraits are remarkable! Here is just a snippet of their work--

In both reading and writing, we have been working on nonfiction books. In reading, students have been working on identifying different nonfiction features.
Table of contents
A diagram
Our nonfiction features chart
Some photos from silly hat day!!
And photos from international day!!

Also, our class now has a little duckling. The class named her Jessie! Meet Jessie--

IMPORTANT-our stepping up celebration will be on Monday, June 23rd at 9:45am! :)