Monday, June 16, 2014

June Update

There's a week and half left of school! I was making the slideshow for our stepping up ceremony and got all teary eyed, because I'm going to miss seeing these kids every day. This class has been super special and everyone is so unique and talented! I'm going to miss their bright enthusiasm and smiley faces!

This week we have been practicing for our stepping up both with me and with Ms. Corinne. Please consider coming out Monday, June 23rd 9:45am to our stepping up ceremony. It would mean a lot to our students to have more family and friends attend! After our performances, we will celebrate with fruit!

This Thursday was our last session with our resident artist, Ms. Belinda. Families were invited to come and view the student's finished art work. It has been wonderful having Ms. Belinda work with us. She is wonderful with the students and encouraged a lot of creative thinking! Thank you Ms. Belinda and for all the parents for coming to view the art work!

Our class is nearly done with their nonfiction animal books! They will be on display during our stepping up ceremony along with their dioramas, which we will start working on this week.

Our ducklings have grown quite a bit! Jessie has been joined by one of Mr. Andy's ducklings, Charlie. Ducks are very social and the two get along well. They follow each other and Charlie even chirps loudly when Jessie is separated from him. They will be going back to the farm tomorrow :(

Today, we started reading poetry! Each student received a poetry book and today's poem was called Popcorn. Students noticed that words repeat and one student mentioned that it sounded like a song and many noticed that there were no periods.

In math, we started our collecting and counting unit. I told the students that we need to organize our classroom for next year's class and in order to do so, we need to count everything and organize and label it!