Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Opening more centers

Can you believe a month of kindergarten has passed already? With a month behind us, nearly all centers have been opened in our classroom!
Recently, we opened up our light table--

There's also our sensory box---
Along with play centers, we have also been opening up different literacy centers such as computer center and reading center--

This week in math workshop, we will be focusing on shapes. Work with your child at home on identifying different shapes at home. One way students have been working with shapes is through pattern block puzzles---

Saturday, September 27, 2014


We have moved on from sorting and began patterns today! We looked at patterns from the real world such as on zebras, flowers and snakes and we worked on creating our own! Students had different math manipulatives on their tables to create their own patterns and recorded them on paper. We started off with patterns with two items and on the next day, we moved on to more complex patterns.
Next week, Ms. Rebecca will begin coming in. She will be working with the class on vocabulary in the English language and also social studies. We have continually opened more literacy centers this past week including white boards and computer center.
In reading this week, we worked on partner reading. The children worked on sitting shoulder to shoulder, placing the book in the middle, taking turns and listening to each other read. In writing, students continued to work on adding details to their pictures to tell more about their stories.

I hope everyone is having a restful and fun four day weekend! I can't wait to see everyone on Monday! :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lysol Healthy Habits Bus

This week was exciting! The Lysol Healthy Habits Bus came to our school on Thursday and the children got to go through different stations on the bus that taught them how to keep germs away and stay healthy!
This week, in reading we worked on taking picture walks and looking at the cover. At home, you can have your child talk about the pictures in the book before you begin reading the book to them. Also, before you read a book with your child, talk about the cover with them.
Each day we have also been learning a different literacy center! Recently, we learned about listening center where students will listen to books on tape!

In writing, we have been working on adding details to our pictures to make our stories better. Some students have also been labeling themselves with "me."
In math, we have been learning different ways to sort. We started with sorting by color and then sorting by shape.
We also did some sorting on the smartboard
This week, we have opened puppet theater, science center and wood center!

Next week is a short week! There won't be school next Thursday and Friday in observance of Rosh Hashanah. Our first homework packet is due this Monday.

Also, I caught a little bit of language through music with Ms. Kim.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Introduction to Writing Workshop, Names, Sorting

What is writing workshop? Writing workshop is how the children will learn about the writing process through modeling and then trying it out. This month, writing workshop entails a lot of exploration of different writing tools and getting used to the structure of writing workshop and the process of writing.

We start off by thinking of an idea for a story. At home, talk about different experiences you've done with your child (for example: going to the market, cooking dinner, going to the library).
Then, students write their names.
And then draw a picture to show their story. Encourage adding details to their drawings!
Then, we add color!
In word study, we have been focusing a lot on names and using our names to learn letters and how words are created. We looked at our names on the word wall!
We also worked on name puzzles created with post its for each letter of each child's name. They mixed up the letters in their name and worked on putting it back together. They also worked on each other's names!

In math, we started learning our first math concept-sorting. We started by talking about how to sort by color. We will also work on sorting by shape and size too. At home, try having your child sort different objects by similarities (example: coins, food, etc.).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our first week of school

Hi families! Welcome to my blog! Check here often to see updates about what we're doing in class. We had a really successful and warm first few days of school. The children are so bright and cheerful and so full of difference experiences! It's only been a few days but I'm so excited to see how much they grow this year! Just a reminder, back to school night is Monday, September 15th at 5:15pm. Please come and read about important reminders and what your child will be learning in kindergarten.
Playing the freeze game
The first month, we spend a lot of time on structure and routine and this sets a strong foundation for our learning environment. One important rule is to freeze when you hear the chime. This is also used school wide! We played the freeze game to get used to the chime. We moved in different ways around the room (like robots, dinosaurs, slow-motion, etc) and then when we hear the chime we FREEZE! The kids had a lot of fun while also learning the importance of the chime.
This year in kindergarten, your child will be learning to read so we started the year off learning about reading structures such as how to hold a book, how we can sit and read quietly and talk about pictures.
This year in kindergarten, your child will also write stories of all different kinds. This month, we will focus on how to use different writing tools (pens, pencils, crayons, etc) and writing workshop structures.
In math, we have been exploring different math manipulatives (pattern blocks, unifix cubes, dominoes, etc) that we will be using throughout the year to learn math strategies and ideas!

We will also be PLAYING (yay!!!!) in kindergarten! Play is an important part of learning and through it, children learn so much! We will have language through play almost every day and this month, we started off by learning about the different centers. So far, we've learned about art center and puzzle center.

In art center, students can use different art materials including beautiful junk (repurposed materials) to create any kind of art.

We also started learning about thinking maps. Thinking maps are ways we can organize our thinking. This week, we learned about circle maps, which we use to list and brainstorm! We created circle maps about ourselves and also ideas for stories.