Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Introduction to Writing Workshop, Names, Sorting

What is writing workshop? Writing workshop is how the children will learn about the writing process through modeling and then trying it out. This month, writing workshop entails a lot of exploration of different writing tools and getting used to the structure of writing workshop and the process of writing.

We start off by thinking of an idea for a story. At home, talk about different experiences you've done with your child (for example: going to the market, cooking dinner, going to the library).
Then, students write their names.
And then draw a picture to show their story. Encourage adding details to their drawings!
Then, we add color!
In word study, we have been focusing a lot on names and using our names to learn letters and how words are created. We looked at our names on the word wall!
We also worked on name puzzles created with post its for each letter of each child's name. They mixed up the letters in their name and worked on putting it back together. They also worked on each other's names!

In math, we started learning our first math concept-sorting. We started by talking about how to sort by color. We will also work on sorting by shape and size too. At home, try having your child sort different objects by similarities (example: coins, food, etc.).