Saturday, September 27, 2014


We have moved on from sorting and began patterns today! We looked at patterns from the real world such as on zebras, flowers and snakes and we worked on creating our own! Students had different math manipulatives on their tables to create their own patterns and recorded them on paper. We started off with patterns with two items and on the next day, we moved on to more complex patterns.
Next week, Ms. Rebecca will begin coming in. She will be working with the class on vocabulary in the English language and also social studies. We have continually opened more literacy centers this past week including white boards and computer center.
In reading this week, we worked on partner reading. The children worked on sitting shoulder to shoulder, placing the book in the middle, taking turns and listening to each other read. In writing, students continued to work on adding details to their pictures to tell more about their stories.

I hope everyone is having a restful and fun four day weekend! I can't wait to see everyone on Monday! :)