Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Families!

Reminder this Thursday and Friday, school will be closed for Thanksgiving. I want to wish all families a wonderful and restful break and I hope that you all get to spend cherished time with your loved ones.

Today as I was walking into the office, P, from our class introduced me to his cousin and uncle and as I passed by he said "Look, there's my teacher-come meet her!" I was so proud!

This month, the children are beginning to read and write. For reading, they have been reading pattern books. These are books with a repetitive text. For example: "I have a cat. I have a dog. I have a bird." This will help student to begin to notice sight words and it will build their confidence in reading.

In writing, the children are writing their own pattern books. This also reinforces the use of sight words and will build their confidence in writing. Here are some examples:

In math, we have started to learn how to count backwards and how to count by 10s. When you have a minute or two at home, count with your child.

Here are some good games for sight words:
Sight Word Bingo
Sight Word Spelling

Here are some games for counting:
Counting backwards train
Count the vegetables