Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finishing up December with Measuring!

This month, we started our measuring unit in math! I told the students about a problem I had. My dog had eaten my shoes and when I went to the shoe store, the shoe salesman had no way to measure my feet to size what size I was, but luckily I had some unifix cubes! I asked them to figure out how to figure out shoe sizes with unifix cubes! They went off to explore using unifix cubes and their own shoes and feet!

We listed the different ways we measured in a circle map-

Today, we used unfix cubes to measure things in our classroom. The children used paper on clipboards to record their observations and what they measured.
After their exploration, they shared with their turn and talk partners about what they measured and what they discovered.

We also shared using the document camera on the SMARTboard.

At home, work on measuring different things using smaller items such as paper clips or cubes or coins even. Talk with your child about different ways to measure.

Here are some online measuring games:
How Tall? 
Measuring Up 
Best Measure

Reminder, this Friday at 10:30 is our holiday concert! Please meet us in the multipurpose room to watch!

Next Tuesday at 11:00 is also our class play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff followed by a family ornament activity.