Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Updates

Welcome back from the holiday break!

In reading, we have started a new unit on Just Right Books. For this unit, students will be choosing their own leveled texts and using reading strategies to read the words as well continuing to do things we have been building on such as talking about the picture, thinking about the story and thinking about their favorite parts and any connections they may have with the story.

At home, work with your child on reading simple sentences on their level (something they can read on their own) especially figuring out tricky words by using the picture and stretching out the sounds in the word.

In writing, we have begun looking at Donald Crew's Night at the Fair. We have been using this book to inspire our own writing and include craft moves that Donald Crew uses into our own books!
We made a circle map to list all the things we noticed from the book
D.C added a lot of signs to his writing
Q.D added lots of people
In math, we recently finished up measurement. We compared our shoe sizes by measuring them with unifix cubes and sorting them on a tree map.
We also discussed measuring things by weight using the words heavy and light.
sorting objects on a tree map
Z.C feels the weight of the block
We also opened up a measurement center during math game day on Fridays!

In other news, thanks to the generosity of several donors, our class received numerous new play center items through donors choose! We received a new sand box for our sensory center and legos to open a lego center!

I also didn't get to upload these last time, but I took some photos from our holiday celebration! Here they are:
Thank you again to all the families that could make it! 

Tomorrow is our trip to Alley Pond Park! Please dress your child warmly!