Saturday, February 14, 2015


I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of midwinter break! The children have been working hard at school and having lots of fun too! This week, we have been celebrating a variety of holidays such as Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year and the 100th day of school!!

On Tuesday, dancers from the Chinese Cultural Center came to our school to perform a variety of dances including a ribbon dance, a Kungfu performance and a lion dance performance. The lion dance is believed to bring good luck for the start of the year!
At the end, children from the audience were picked to help perform a dance. J.L from our class was picked!

On Thursday, everyone made their own dragons to scare away the bad luck!

Here are some of their completed dragons--

Afterwards, we had our own parade in the classroom with the dragons!

On Friday, we celebrated our 100th day of school! We created 100th day crowns with 100 stars!
We also shared our 100th day projects! It was fun and exciting to see all the different ways 100 could be represented!
J.L decorated a poster of the number 100
I.W created a poster of 100 friends
H.F drew 100 stars
C.S lined the number 100 with stickers
J.W made 100 stars and hearts
I.A created a poster with 100 stickers
A.C created a heart with 100 cereal pieces around it
L.Z created paper flowers
D.C decorated the number 100 with cheerios
E.J created the school's name with the number 100 with cheerios
Z.C cut out 100 cars
K.L created a happy 100 day poster
more to come...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Literacy Centers & Studio in the School

Happy February families! This month, we have started two new things-literacy centers with guided reading and studio in the school (which is an art program).

During literacy centers, students work in small groups to improve their literacy skills ranging from phonics work, writing, listening and guided reading, which is when they work with either Ms. Darrell or I on reading and Ms. Rebecca also works with students on vocabulary!

J.L reading at the classroom library
Writing Center
Computer Center
Working with Ms. Rebecca
iPad center
Guided Reading with Ms. Darrell

Last Friday, our resident artist Ms. Monika came in to teach the students about how artists can use different lines to create art. They looked at a variety of art and talked about the lines-how they were spiky, zig zag, fat, skinny, dark and light. Then, they created their own art work using a variety of lines.