Thursday, April 16, 2015

Observations & 3D Shapes

Welcome back from break! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing spring break! The weather looks to be getting warmer and the sun is out longer!! Spend some time taking your child out for some fun outdoors!

I wanted to share with you, Mrs. Dershowitz's science webpage--
It is a great resource and she writes about what your child is learning in science!

In other news, we started a new unit when we returned on questioning! We have been working on asking questions when reading. We have also been working on thinking about we already know. The students have been using post its to jot down what they already know and questions they have.
For writing, we have been observing, sketching and writing down what we've observed. We started with observing plants!
Also, exciting news-our class will using these questioning and observing skills to study butterflies/caterpillars! We started by creating a circle map about what we already know about butterflies--

In math, this week, we finished up learning about 3D shapes. Each table created a circle map to list all the examples of real 3D shapes in our world. They, then, shared their circle maps with the class!