Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Welcome Spring!

It's so exciting to finally feel spring weather! I hope everyone is having an exciting spring break and enjoying their times either on vacation or at home!

Some updates from our classroom before we went on spring break--

In reading, we finished up our partner reading unit and in writing, we finished publishing our second personal stories. When we return from break, we will begin our questioning unit, where students will learn about questioning texts they read and writing questions. Also, the students' 100 day projects will be sent home when we return.

In math, we have been working on 3D shapes and we will continue 3D shapes for another week when we return. Recently, we talked about the corners and edges of 3D shapes!
For Studio in the School, the students have been working on painting animals and last week, they added backgrounds and settings to their animal paintings.

When we return, students will begin creating animal sculptures.

Last week, the students also dyed eggs! It was a lot of fun and the students had a lot of different ideas for their dyed eggs such as gifting it, putting it in the fridge and hiding it!
The day before spring break, we went to the Noguchi Museum to learn more about sculptures! The students looked a variety of sculptures and talked about shapes, color and textures and they talked about what they saw in the sculptures (their interpretations).
The students then used clay, stone and wood to create their own sculptures to take home!