Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Updates!

Welcome May! Happy belated Mother's Day to all mommies!! It has been a busy month winding down to the end of the year and preparing the children for first grade!

Tonight we will be having an open house from 6-7pm if you wish to come view your child's recent work.

We recently finished up our Questioning unit. Our caterpillars all turned into butterflies! We released them a week ago outside near the school's garden and wished them all luck on their new journeys!
In reading, we have begun our nonfiction unit and we have started talking about facts and how we can learn facts from nonfiction books.

In writing, we are working on how-to's. This kind of writing teaches others about how to do something, make something or go somewhere. Everyone got to share in the experience of making pizza so we could all write about it! The experience helped students understand all the different steps and ingredients that go into making a pizza. It was a yummy experience!

In math, we are continuing with working on breaking down numbers. The last two weeks we have been working on our cookie jar problem--where we have cookies and two jars--how many different ways can we place them in the jar?

In studio in the school, students continued working on their animal sculptures using clay! This week, they will be painting them!

Earlier this month, we had a visit from the Crabgrass Puppet Theater! The children were able to watch a puppet performance bringing Anansi stories to life!
It was an incredibly fun experience for them! They loved the story about Anansi hiding in the mango!