Monday, June 15, 2015

Career Day & Queens Botanical Garden

Our class went on our last trip of the year to the Queens Botanical Garden! It was a beautiful day and a great opportunity to enjoy nature! We went on a little nature hike to look at different plants and insects. We passed by the bee hives and looked under rocks for different insects like centipedes. At the end of the walk, the children got to plant their own sunflower to take home!

This past Friday was our school's Career Day. People of different professions come and visit each classroom and talk about their jobs! We were lucky to have someone from real estate, astronomy, science and music to come and talk about what they do! We also had a firefighter come and talk about what firefighters do and how they can make sure they practice fire safety at home!
We learned about what astronomers do! 
Kevin, a real estate manager talks about how he renovates homes
He also shared some tools he uses
We learned about how the firefighter's suit works
Tina, a lab tech, shared a science experiment with dry ice
Elijah, a musician, played some tunes for our class
This month, we are working on poetry! We have been reading and writing poems especially about New York City. We will also be working on creating our cityscapes to go with our poems. Last week, we walked around the neighborhood to sketch what cities look like.

In math, we finished up our collecting and counting unit where students worked on different ways to group items to count them such as counting by fives or tens.

We recently finished our nonfiction books! So every student is making a diorama for their animal to go along with their writing. Both the books and dioramas will be on display following the stepping up ceremony next Monday!