Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Experiencing New York City through Poetry

The last couple of days, our class has immersed itself in poetry! We have been reading lots of poems about cities especially our own city, New York City. We've read poems about the city during the seasons, the skyscrapers, the noises, the subway, etc. The poems have inspired our class to write their own poems. Together, we wrote the following poems about New York City--

We used our senses to think about New York City too--
This circle map helped the students get ideas for their own.

Students have also been writing their own individual poems about the city--

The boxes our class has been collecting were finally used today! In groups, the students worked together to create their own city! 

In the next couple of days as the students continue to read and write their own poems and finish their city by painting their buildings and adding details!