Saturday, October 3, 2015

Partner Reading and Discovering Shapes

Happy October Families! It's been 14 days of school and one month of Kindergarten done! We are still working on getting used to being in school, getting to know each other and the rules of the school.

Everyday we do reading. We have been working on independent reading and this week we started with partner reading. During partner reading, each student takes turns reading with their partner. Right now, many of the students are working on reading by talking about the pictures and sharing what they think about the pictures and story.

In math this week we started talking about patterns and shapes! On Friday, students worked on pattern block puzzles!

In writing, the children are writing daily. We've been working on adding details with people and the place our story takes place. Some children have begun to label their pictures by adding "me" next to themselves. Every day a few students also share their stories on the SMARTboard.

In word study, we have been learning 2 letters a week and also using our names to learn more about letters. One thing the class has been working on is name puzzles. They get to put together their name and the names of their friends.

Something else we worked on this week was turn and talk. Turning and talking is something we will be doing everyday so that students have the opportunities to talk and share their thoughts with others.

Check out the Important Dates page for October.