Sunday, October 25, 2015

Writing in our world

This week we started our new units! In reading, we will start reading emergent storybooks. These are books that have a very repetitive and fun story line and easy to remember, catchy dialogue. These stories include books like Three Bears, Three Billy Goats, Three Pigs, Corduroy, and Caps for Sale. This week we started by making puppets for Three Billy Goats and we acted out the Three Bears!
In writing, we shared our stories with each other. Students "read" the stories they wrote to others.
K.S shares her story with G.Z
These stories are now hanging outside on our bulletin board. Be sure to check it out when you come visit for Parent Teacher Conferences!

We started our writing in the world unit. We started by looking at different kinds of writing.
K.C looks at a postcard
G.L looks at a button
L.H views a bus map
A.C looks at a greeting card
J.C looks at a menu
We also went on a neighborhood walk with Ms. Rebecca to look for writing outside!
At home, look for different kinds of writing with your child-this could be recipes, directions, posters, etc.

In math, we created shape collages which the students took home! They looked for different shapes in Ikea catalogs.

Recently in play, we opened the block center. We introduced this center by having each child pick a block and we built a structure together. Watch the progress below---
With the leaves everyone has collected, students used them during the art center.
On Friday, we went to the NYC Transit Museum. It's a beautiful museum with lots of interesting things to look at and learn about. I encourage you to go with your child! The students created a bus/train and looked at different kinds of trains.