Saturday, November 21, 2015

Math Games!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of a blog post last week. Last weekend, I ran the 60K (37.2 miles!) in Central Park, which was 9 laps of the inner loop! Luckily some of my TALES colleagues came to pace me! Fellow kindergarten teachers Mrs. Nesser and Ms. Liang came and PreK teacher Mr. Andy, second grade teacher Ms. Reilly and speech therapist Ms. Tina also came! It was incredibly encouraging! After 8 hours and 21 minutes, I crossed the finish line of my first ultra marathon!

We have been working on finishing up our writing in the world unit. Students have been creating a variety of different kinds of writing including cards, signs, menus, buttons, etc. Check out some of their work below---
G.S made a button that says "be nice to friends" 
K.C created a button to show others that she likes cats!
L.H made a button that tells others not to bring a bat into a cave
In math, we have been learning different games to help work on counting and numbers! We have been playing a ten frame game, where students work in pairs to show a number and then their partner shows that number on the ten frame.
Another game we learned is Roll and Record, where students roll a die and then record it.
Last week the Okra Dance Company came to our school to demonstrate a variety of dances from around the world. We watched the dancers perform dances from Greece, Mexico, Hawaii, Africa and Ireland.

Next week will be a short three day week. Tuesday, we have a walking trip to the Queens Botanical Garden and there will be no school Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.