Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pattern books and Play Journals

Happy Holidays everyone! It's been a warm December which is great for the kids-we've had great weather for outdoor play!

This month, our class has started reading and writing pattern books. Pattern books are books with simple patterns for example:
I see a cat.
I see a dog.
I see a rabbit.

This helps children learn and pick up more sight words and also helps them utilize other reading strategies such as pointing and using the picture to help figure out the word.

You can work with your child on sight words at home to help support their learning.
 Click here for a fun game with sight words.

In math, we finished up our unit on counting through games. One of the games we learned is Roll and Record. Partners take turns rolling a die, counting and recording it.
Another game, Domino Parking Lot helps students to see numbers as two groups. They worked together to put dominoes in their proper "parking spot."
This week, we started measuring! I told the students my dog ate my shoe and needed to get new shoes but the shoe salesman only had unifix cubes. I asked them for help! We talked about different ways we could use the unifix cubes to measure!
During language through play, we turned our dramatic play area into a doctor's office!
We also started using journals to reflect on what we did during choice time everyday!
Reminder, next Tuesday-we have a family craft workshop for our class!