Saturday, May 28, 2016

Making Pizza

Happy May everyone! This month, our class finished our all about books about their animals. Each student also made a diorama on their animal. We will send these home in June! Everyone worked so hard on their books and their dioramas! Here are some diagrams made for their books--
K.H made this diagram on a turtle
A.W's diagram of a ladybug
With the nonfiction unit finished, we have moved on how to writing. We walked through making pizza together and independently so students had experiences to write about.
A.Z rolls out the dough
E.C spreads the tomato sauce
K.H puts on the mushrooms
K.C and W.C working on their pizzas
D.J places the cheese on
Our sessions with Ms. Kristine, our Studio in the School artist are coming to a near end. This week, students added texture and details to their animal sculptures. Next week they will be painting their sculptures.
J.Y creates an octopus

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our trip to the Noguchi Museum

Reminder--this Friday, our class will be going to Alley Pond Environmental Center. Make sure they wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers for the trip!

Last Friday, our class went to the Noguchi Museum where they toured the museum, viewed sculptures and talked about what makes a sculpture. At the end of the trip, everyone got to make their own sculpture using a variety of materials!

We learn about the museum
Viewing sculptures
Noticing holes and textures
L.H's sister joined us on the trip
We talked about the sculptures
K.C creating her sculpture
J.Y and A.C working on their sculptures
We also finished our geometry unit last week by creating 3D shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hi families! What a month March has been! Our class has been exploring like scientists and asking lots of questions! In reading, students have been working on questioning the books/stories they read.

J.C asks "Why (does) this fish live in the dark?"
"Why is the ice melting?"
K.C asks "Why does the mouse eat cheese?"
In writing, our class has been observing, sketching/recording and writing down observations, questions and possible answers.We started by observing plants and then moving on to the ant hill.

In Studio in the school, the students have moved on to using oil pastels and watercolors to their animal drawings.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Marching Ahead!

Hi families! Happy March! :) Thank you to all the families for attending Parent teacher conferences. It was wonderful getting a chance to see everyone!

This month, we are working on partner reading and comprehension. Everyday, students read independently and partner read. We have been working on helping our partners when they read by giving them tips such as "stretch out the word" or "look at the picture." They have also been sharing their thoughts about the books they read with their partner such as a favorite part or a connection.

Last week, everyone should have received a DVD in their child's folder. On the DVD was a recording of your child's oral story. After oral storytelling, we started personal narratives!

We have started problem solving/number stories in math. We worked on a story about a sleepover.
Students worked on sketching out the story/problem and thinking of different ways the children at the sleepover can sit on the bunk bed.

We also recently celebrated the 100th day of school! Last week, we shared our projects! Everyone was really excited to share and view the projects!

The students also wore 100th day glasses!

Studio in the School
Two weeks ago, studio in the school started. An artist will be coming in every Thursday and doing art with the students. For the first session, students sketched animals. To come...students will be working with clay!