Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy new year families! It was exciting to see all the students back this past week! I noticed many students grew! :)

This month, we will be assessing the students on their reading levels and their knowledge of the alphabet and also assessing them on math concepts.

Our reading unit this month is just right books. A just right book is a book that students should be comfortable reading by themselves but have some tricky words for them to work on decoding. This week we looked at books that were too easy, too hard and just right to become familiar with finding a book that is just right.

In writing, we finished up pattern books and had a publishing celebration where students read each other's books!

We started our craft writing unit where we will be looking at Night at the Fair by Donald Crews and using his writing to inspire our own writing.

In math, we finished up our measurement unit by exploring weight.