Wednesday, February 3, 2016

End of January Updates

Hi families! Happy (early) Lunar New Year to those who celebrate! Reminder that next Monday there will be no school in observance of Lunar New Year.
This month, we started doing literacy centers. Every day, students rotate between a variety of centers including guided reading with either Ms. Darrell or I or a language group with Ms. Rebecca. This gives more small group time with students to work on reading skills or language skills. Here are some photos of literacy centers--
Poetry/ Big Book Center - students work in groups to read poems or big books
Listening Center - students listen to a books on CDs and then draw/write a response 
Computer centers - students work on or 
Alphabet Center - students work a variety of alphabet materials 
This week, we started new units for reading, writing and math!
In reading, students are continuing to read their just right books (books on their level) and learning different strategies such as reading with a smooth voice and figuring out unknown words using both the picture and the first letter of the word.

In writing, we started our oral storytelling unit. This is an exciting unit because students will practice telling stories from their own lives and they will be recorded on video. Thanks to the families who sent photos of their child playing in the snow and family photos on their homework because we used those photos to draw ideas for storytelling.

In math, we started another sorting unit. We are working on thinking of new ways to sort.
E.C sorted these buttons by number of holes 
During language through play this week, we started creating our own play dough. Each day 4-5 students will work with me to create home made play dough which they will then later take home. Students learn to read and use a recipe and mix ingredients!
R.M mixes
E.C kneads the dough
C.L kneads the dough
A.W plays with the play dough
We also turned our dramatic play center into a doctor's office. We all took a class trip to the nurse's office to learn more about medical tools and what we would find in a medical office.
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