About Ms. Esther/Contact

My email contact---esther.eng@gmail.com
Hi! I'm Ms. Esther! I was born and raised in Flushing, NY and grew up attending NYC public schools! In fact, my childhood home is 1 block away from our school and I went to the nearby P.S 20 as a little girl. Here is a photo of me in kindergarten--

I earned my B.A from Barnard, College at Columbia University majoring in English and minoring in Education and my MS.Ed from Queens College. I began teaching first grade at P.S 51Q: The Early Childhood Center in Richmond Hills, NY and then became a founding kindergarten teacher at P.S 244Q The Active Learning Elementary School. This will be my 8th year of teaching!

I love walking my dogs Brian and Eva--
Here is a photo of my dog, a West Highland Terrier-Brian. He's 3 years old!

And another photo of my dogs Brian and Eva--
I love living an active and healthy lifestyle!
With Mr. Andy, Ms. Sandner, Mr. L and Principal Groff at Coogan's 5K last year 
And I absolutely love running!
I ran my first half marathon in May 2013 at the Brooklyn Half--
and my first marathon in November 2013 at the NYC Marathon! Mr. Andy helped rogue run 5 miles with me!

Fun tidbit--Mr. Andy and I built this basketball hoop located in the school yard--